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Mathematical Proofs

Here’s a list of mathematical proofs that I have taken from the textbook and various practice tests, along with model solutions. Proof questions were something I really struggled with so created...

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Further Mechanics – Oblique Collisions (difficult to visualise question)

Check out the method for answering this type of question, as I found it difficult to draw at first.  Download File

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Further Mechanics- Toppling question (fairly challenging)

I found solution bank confusing at first, so if you are in the same position, I hope this solution helps.  Download File  Download File

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Further Mechanics- Oblique collisions (using vector scalar technique as no angles given)

In my opinion, the solution to this question is not explained well in the Edexcel textbook at all and so I was lucky to have an incredible teacher that could patiently break down the explanation for t...

Biodiesel Wall Note

I always found the biodiesel chemical equation difficult to memorise and so this wall note served as a useful reminder. Without giving too much away, this did help in the 2019 exam. I must admit that ...

DNA Wall Note

Here is a wall note I prepared for the DNA topic. Notice that the order of the bases is aligned with the formula book and so this wall note can help with memorising which way the base is drawn (when c...

Chemistry Electrode Potential Wall Notes

Here are some wall notes I prepared for the Electrode Potentials topic.

Transition Metal Wall Notes

Here are some wall notes I used when trying to memorise difficult parts of the  2.5 Transition Metals and 2.6 Reactions of Aqueous Ions topics.

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Macro essay- Economic growth as the most important factor influencing development

This is part of the Economics essay planning series. These are particularly useful in preparing for the larger essays. Use these as examples for how to develop the skill of planning for essays. If you...

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