Learning to Drive Hack

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These hacks will you a lot of time and a lot of money, because learning to drive can be time consuming and is expensive. Our ability to visualise an exercise is powerful and leveraging this imaginative capability of our minds will be invaluable in consolidating your driving progress.

The two things that were paramount in helping me pass was an incredible driving instructor and a progress log. Although the driving instructor is difficult to control, the second one is something that everyone can act on. Essentially, from the very first lesson, as soon as I would get home from a two-hour driving lesson, with my head throbbing from so much being learnt, I would write.

I would write about everything I possibly remembered from the driving lesson and every mistake I made. I would then close my eyes through the week until the next driving lesson and visualise myself in the car, controlling the clutch and moving through the gears. This prevented the forgetting curve from erasing my progress each week and it truly catalysed my development. This also meant that some of the worst lessons, where I made the most mistakes, became my greatest assets.

By the way, if you read the pdf (which is my progress log -to give some ideas of what one might look like), sorry in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors, as I would usually write these in a hurry after the lesson.

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