Welcome to ReviseShare

ReviseShare is a site made for students to share their own resources.

Simply navigate the site to find resources made for your level, subject and exam board and sign up to share your own.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing your resources.

– Ben and Christos

Popular Resources

Jekyll and Hyde Summary Pages

Here is a summary book, which may be useful when first studying the book or during the final period before exams.  Download File

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Thinking of Submitting a Resource?

ReviseShare is all about uploading and sharing content you think others studying the same subject as you would find useful.

If you’ve ever made a poster on a topic you found challenging, have a niche study hack, or answered a particularly difficult Maths problem, the community would highly value your contribution.

We even encourage you to submit non-academic resources that may help life in sixth form, such as personal statement advice, learning to drive and tips on finding work experience.

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What Makes us Different?

  • Unlike the TES, this is not solely focused on teachers (although teachers are welcome). This site aims on students helping students through sharing the resources that get us through.
  • Unlike The Student Room, this is not just for asking questions (which can take a long time to hear a response from) and you won’t have to scroll through unhelpful comments, because we focus on accurate resources in a strong student community.
  • Unlike GetRevising, we also support the sharing of non-academic resources. Moreover, we won’t force you to log in to download and view content. We also moderate content so only the highest quality resources are allowed on the site.

Our Mission:

As two A-Level students that were about to embark upon a daunting exam season, we were keen to think about the freedom after exams and what would be on our to-do list. Creating a platform for sharing some of the unique and key pieces of knowledge for our subjects was something we both resonated with. ReviseShare is the product of this endeavour and it has one focus: to catalyse the exam preparation of students by offering resources that fill the gap where textbooks may fall short and where time and energy can be saved.